Monday, May 29, 2006

T-minus 78 hours until PC bound

Barev y'all. Sorry for the late update. After living the relaxing life in Cocoa Beach, I hit the books hard for the comprehensive exams and end-of-the projects. It is safe to say that I am an official "Sooner" as I have completed my masters program of Adult and Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma; though I will always be "Maverick" bred. OU was a nice stay for me, and I actually miss it more than I ever thought. The "mates" and relationships that I made were quite special, and I worked with an incredible bunch of individuals as well as attended a higher learning program filled with a great faculty. Lately, I have been gathering up the troops and meeting with my mates from all walks of life..UNO, Indy, Chicago, you name it. A special shout out to my track teammates and my family members who put a couple of fine dinners/lunches and united the family before I head yonder. Also got in a Cubs game in with my mom before the departure..bleacher tix with Dave, Nate and Kyle as well. The past two weeks have flown by and now it is the "official" pack under 100lbs for 27 months game. So far I am winning the challenge, though it has been an unique ride. I rather take three t-shirts than nice dress clothes :) I will try and post again b4 I head out, but if I don't, just know that I lose my celly phone on Wednesday. Thanks again for your wonderful support!!!!!! Kenats't!!!