Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's Game Time

Barev my mates!!! I, along with 49 others, have just completed the pre-departure requirements and now, we are awaiting tomorrow, where we will fly out to Armenia. All the PCV's (Peace Corp Volunteers) are AMAZING!!! Within hours, many of us connected at rapid levels. There is a unique aura about us that has allowed us to relate with each other; something that has become quite special to us. We have only known each other for a little over 30 hours!!!! Next up, is what many of us have been waiting for..some for years, some for months, and others just days. We are about to embarked on a great feat, where our failures will lead to successes and our successes to great wonders. There will be lots of "cheers" and "tears", with the whole experience being a personal growth opportunity for all individuals and cultures involved. This is a ride of a lifetime, and I am eager for the journey....the journey has only begun.
On a side note, there has been a discrepency on the address, but I will post the real address on my blog once notified. It has to do with the postal may be the following: School #2, 17 Heratsi St, 377201 Vanadzor, Armenia. However, the town is small, so if you were EVER SO NICE and have already sent mail at the previous address, it has a strong chance of arriving to the quarters in which I will be living. Also, will have VERY limited access to the "net" in the next 10 or so weeks...but will keep you posted when possible. All right, I have to go...last night in the US as a 24 year old..I think I will have some pasta and a drink or two. Until next update...keep it real..arrayzhm (so long)...syd