Sunday, November 04, 2007

My First Marathon...

Hello all from Athens Greece! I thought I would sent a short note, as I have reliable, free, and fast internet in Greece! Yesterday I finished my first marathon. Here is a picture of me running (trying at this point in the race, as it was the final 2oom) and of my PCV pals that ran the race as well! We started in Marathon, GR and finished in the Olympic Stadium in Athens !We are know recovering from sore bodies and indulging on foods such as ice-cream, pizza, beer and other foods that can be found in Armenia, just not in the American-way! When results are posted, I will say. I started the race amazingly, and then followed by severe knee pain, and alas and heartbroken, finished the race, one hour later than my destined time. I was on pace for a 4 hr or less and finished under 5hrs instead. I have never been mentally and physically challenged in my life!
Next stop, we will tour some Greek Islands, and then back to Armenia with a stop at the doctors, to see what in the world I did to my knee while running, recreationally, 42km! I just hope I did not tear anything!
Here is quick blurb on the marathon, that I took from the marathon's website...
Among all the Olympic events, the Marathon Race stands out because it was born by a real historic and heroic event. It was a feat accomplished by a news-bearing foot soldier from ancient Athens, who announced - with his last words - the victory of the Greeks against the Persians in the battle of Marathon (490bc). The 42,195m Marathon Race became one of the most competitive events when the Olympic Games were revived in 1896. A Greek athlete by the name of Spyros Louis, running what has ever since been referred to as the 'Original Course' from the ancient city of Marathon to the Panathinaikon Stadium in Athens, won the gold medal of the first modern Olympic Games and became a legend of Greek and international athletics. The Marathon Race has always had a prominent place in the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts, as it represents the highest effort where the human body, soul and mind are tested to their limits as the runner presses himself/herself to the finish line. SEGAS has the honour and the historic responsibility to organize annually the Athens Classic Marathon on the Original Course. Since 1982, the Athens Classic Marathon has been dedicated to Gregoris Lambrakis, the athlete, scientist and Member of Parliament, who was murdered in the 60s and, by his death, became a symbol for Human Rights. From the year 2001 onwards, Alpha Bank, the official bank of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and one of the major banking corporations in Greece, has been the Official Sponsor of the Athens Classic Marathon and its valuable support led to the significant upgrade of the event in all aspects. Both SEGAS and Alpha Bank strongly believe that their co-operation will result to the establishment of the Athens Classic Marathon as one of the most popular and best organised Marathon Races globally. Thousands of runners from all over the world are expected to participate in this year's race. Apart from the sporting experience, they will have the chance to enjoy the traditional Greek hospitality, discover the fascinating landscape of our country and explore a city which is constantly improving its standards.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on finishing your first marathon and most of all for achieving your goal! You must have all been pretty inspired running in Greece. Sorry to hear about the knee. Have a great vacation!
Mrs. Z

PS Happy Thanksgiving too!

Meg said...

YAY Syd! I'm so proud of you! I'm glad that the tradition of Armenia PCVs in the Athens marathon continued with you guys. :-) I loved the pics. Makes me miss you guys a lot! I hope your knee is okay, too. Talk to you later, and congrats!!!

Meg :-)

Tracy said...

I laugh at you! Look Syd, you've got all of your weight on your bad knee in the picture. Donkey!