Saturday, January 19, 2008


Go Marathon!

We watched this sunset on Santorini Island! How beautiful! This is sunset from my village.

The Marathon crew in front of the Akropolis in Athens. Jamie and I found the cereal aisle in Athens. We had cereal four times a day! :)

I cut my hair and bathed for New Years. My host bro took this "flattering" picture of me :)


Anonymous said...

I am impresssed by the new haircut, but REALLY impressed by the earrings and matching necklace.
Is this the Syd I know that only owned 2 dresses.
You go girl.

Meg said...

Even after being home now for over 7 months, I still get all excited when I see pictures of people finding cereal (or other fun goodies) in a grocery store. Some things will never change after the PC, I guess! ;-) Oh, and are the green pants in the first pic the ones I used to have there? If so, YAY! Heehee. Again, gotta love the little random stuff that gets me all psyched. ;-) I hope you are staying warm in Vardenik - I miss it!!

Brett Holt said...

I completely understand the cereal situation. We had family send us cereal from America while we were in PC Armenia. Only later in our service did we find a couple stores in Yerevan that sold cereal.